St. James’ C of E Academy

This is a great way for children to get their first experience of tennis (or top up their tennis time on court) in a familiar environment and learn the basics of a great game!

Schools Tennis Programme

Summer Term

June – July

Autumn Term

September – December

Winter Term

January – April

Summer Term

April – June

Years 1 and 2

Years 1 and 2 Years 1 and 2 Years 3 and 4
Friday Friday (11 weeks)


3:15-4:15 3:15-4:15 3:15-4:15 3:15-4:15
 Starting 10 June Starting  23 Sept  Starting 8 Jan Starting 22 Mar
 Finishing 15 July  Finishing 9 Dec Finishing 18 Mar Finishing 27 May
 Closing date 25 May Closing date 15 Sept  Closing Date: 9 Dec  Closing Date: 23 Mar
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Joining Christchurch Tennis Facility


All children are invited to join CTF.  


Mini Tennis, Junior Tennis, Performance Tennis and Membership are on offer!